How to choose the perfect handbag

It’s time to go shopping and you don’t know which handbag to choose? At Chaussures Semy we have a wide variety of handbags to suit all tastes and colors. Here we will show you how to choose the ideal bag for you.

Having to carry various objects and tools of daily life is what gave rise to the need for handbags. However, nowadays, the need has taken another path. Now it’s all about complementing your personal look.

So, just like clothes and other items of clothing, handbags can give indications of your personality and the way you are.

There is a bag for every body and colors for every occasion. There are also different materials to suit the place where you go.

Want to know how to choose the perfect handbag for you? Find out in this article.

Why choose a handbag?

As superficial as it may sound, when it comes to going out on the street, many women will tell you that they carry their life in their handbag. There are two types of handbags; there are shoulder bags and clutch bags.

Shoulder bags

These bags are usually large, although their size can vary. Putting the weight on the shoulder means more comfort.

Moms, who are forced to carry diapers and other items, will always use shoulder bags, as a matter of weight. They are more practical bags.


These bags are made for the woman who carries the minimum and wants to look fantastic, in the best Audrey Hepburn style.

It is in this last category that we are going to orient the following content of the article.

How to choose the handbag that best matches your body?

Your body will play a decisive factor in the choice of handbag. Remember that in this article we seek to guide you to find the handbag that makes you look your best.

Handbags for tall women

Tall and slim women are the luckiest when it comes to choosing between the different styles of handbags. This body adapts to any shape: from large backpacks, to elegant clutches or shoulder bags.

However, if you have this physical appearance, it would be best to avoid bags that are too small, since they will make you look even taller. Focus on medium or large handbags, decorated with eye-catching patterns.

Handbags for petite women

The main rule for petite women is to think based on their proportions. Small bags are the ideal choice in this case.

Don’t be tempted by the fancy oversized handbags. Maybe they are convenient for carrying your notebook, beauty kit and some extra clothes, but they don’t fit your figure.

Handbags for women with wide hips.

In this case your goal should be to shift the focus from the hips to the upper body. The best option for your physique is the medium sized shoulder bag, with a colorful and bright touch.

Bags for women with athletic body.

If you have an athletic body, avoid the angular, narrow or rectangular models. Choosing the bag with rounded corners is a good idea, try bags with eye-catching details, such as embroidery or studs on straps or handles.

What do handbags say about your personality?

Women who especially love small, sleek handbags are a bit of a dreamy woman, they love looks almost as much as they love substance. They believe that traveling light is not only a specific duty, but also a woman’s privilege.

They don’t need much to feel secure: in their bag you’ll only find their phone, wallet and house keys. At most, a small mirror to check your makeup.

Also, women who choose this type of bag are perhaps too optimistic. They do not like to think about the negative unforeseen events that the future may bring: they carry only the minimum because luck is on their side.

How to match your handbag with your look?

Combinations of handbags are very simple. Just follow three basic rules:

  1. If you choose a unicolor outfit, make the handbag a contrasting color.
  2. The shoes should always be in the same color as the handbag.
  3. Light clothes: light bag, and vice versa.

A handbag is an accessory par excellence, the perfect handbag gives your outfit all the style and distinction you dream of.

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