What sets us apart

Chaussures Semy specializes in importing the highest quality shoes, boots and handbags. These Italian imports, manufactured using traditional methods, are made of the highest quality leather and some models are even enhanced with Swarovski crystals.

Our team scours Italy in order to offer you unique collections that you’ll find only at Chaussures Semy.
Chaussures Semy maintains very close links with several major Italian shoe manufacturers, with whom we have established a relationship of trust over the last few decades.

We are constantly adding new items to our vast collection, so that we can surprise you with designs of incomparable beauty and craftsmanship that follow the latest Italian trends.

With our wide range of models, you’ll find the shoe to suit your foot, your size and your budget. We specialize in small sizes, starting at 32, to offer elegance, comfort and exclusivity.